I am aware that this is late, but here is a full post about my Dapper Day experience!

Well, I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

Dapper Day started at 7 am for me. Dressing up, getting ready, all that. My excitement was through the roof. Sadly, I don’t think I got a full body shot of my outfit, but hey, I don’t mind!

I met up with Michael around 9:30 and we decided to hang out all dapper before he went to work. Oh my gosh. The compliments. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself.

By the way, that bow tie he was wearing? It had a bunch of tiny TARDIS’ on it. He’s just that cool.

ANYWAY, we went adventuring for a little bit and a ton of people complimented us. Honestly, I think it was because we were two of the very few who were dressed 20s. I was proud of us!

So, he went off to work and I went enjoying the day by myself for a bit. I eventually went to Dancing With Disney to hang with Mike more and I ran into Hayley and Kenny there.

Fast forward a while, I was sitting on a bench at Buena Vista Street and Molly (or Milly, I can’t tell the difference) the messenger comes on up to me and gives me a telegram from Mickey Mouse!

It was pretty fantastic.

This was the best picture I have of us because, well, I’m not paying $14.00 to just download this picture. YAY FOR SCREENSHOTS.

Fast forward, fast forward… Watched News Boys and swooned over Johnny, watched Five & Dime.

OH OH OH. Lindsey and Tucker met up with everyone before Five & Dime and I’m not exaggerating when I say I was trying really really hard not to cry.


Well 1) I hadn’t seen Tucker in ages so I missed the hell out of him, 2) Lindsey is my best friend and I don’t spend enough time with her, 3) They were dressed perfectly as Walt and Lillian Disney, and 4) I love them with my entire heart and they are perfect human beings.

SO, I saw them and hung out with them for a good while! Went on Tower of Terror with them, Loralee and Melissa and did a “time period” picture. Needless to say, that was flawless.

After, I went to go meet up with Mike to spend out Dapper evening together! Now, we don’t remember who’s idea it was, but I put on a lot of lip stick and gave him a kiss mark on his cheek (which got called “a nice touch” a lot).

We walked around, got a Mint Julep to share, went on Pirates and after, Mike took to dinner at The Blue Bayou!

Now, let me explain something. I’m a sucker for fancy dinners and really nice dates.

I was swooning the whole. entire. time.

Good food, fantastic atmosphere, fun waiter. And Mike. I’m not sorry about how in love I am with him. He’s too good for me and I feel soo lucky to have him!

After, we met up with Lindsey, Tucker, Megan and Amanda and rode the carousel and tea cups!

Linds, Tucker, Mike and I went over to the Matterhorn after and while we were in line, we were next to this group that had the best 10th Doctor cosplayer ever! I forget how our groups started conversation, but we did. The guy playing the Doctor (Toby, I think? I can’t remember) gave me kandi that said “TARDIS” on it.

Now I can say that the Doctor gave me a gift!

After that, the fireworks were going on so the four of us sat and watched them by Small World.

Mike and I had to go after that, but while we were walking down Main Street, we saw someone dressed at the 11th Doctor and the TARDIS. Of course we took a picture with them, and the Doctor had red Mickey ears! RED MICKEY EARS.

After, when we were about to leave, the Doctor and TARDIS turn to us and say:

"Don’t go on It’s A Small World! Don’t blink if you’re ever on it! They’re everywhere, it’s impossible to look at all of them at once!"

Needless to say, that killed us.

So, after a long walk to the car and eventually taking my shoes off after much pleading from Mike, we were on our way home.

This may have only been my second Dapper Day, but I think it’ll always be the best one.

  1. smileoften said: oh goodness, you are gorgeous caitlyn!!! :) sounds like you had such an amazing time, wish i could be in california to try dapper day too! :(
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